Monday, June 11, 2012

Further Proof I'm Turning Into My Mother

I left my office today and smiled at my shiny new truck in the parking lot.  I thought, "I need to call someone in West Virginia and have them send me a WVU sticker for the back window".  My next thought was "NOOOOO, not a sticker on my shiny new truck".
Sigh... I'll probably spill some of my dinner on my chest tonight, too.

Friday, June 8, 2012

How Do I Say Goodbye?

10 years, 1 month, and 106,725 miles later:
Albuquerque; Nashville; San Diego, Memphis; Carlisle, PA; Bridgeport, WV; Bowling Green; San Francisco; Morgantown, WV; New Orleans; Dallas; The Outer Banks, NC; Marietta, OH; Lexington, KY; Loretta, KY;  Lynchburg, TN; Gulfport, MS; Rocky Point MX;
and numerous weekends at Apache, Roosevelt, Saguaro and Lake Pleasant.

Despite all of these adventures, I abandoned the Chicken, and came home in this beauty:

I cried when we left the dealership.
Todd thought I was kidding, but after hours of negotiating and a hot, new, car payment burning a hole in my checkbook, I couldn't help it.  I was emotionally drained.
Today, four days later, I love my new truck..
I love how it smells.
I love how it drives.
I love how the leather-wrapped steering wheel feels in my hand.
I love the Panoramic roof, (ie- giant sun roof) even if it's completely impractical.
I love the fancy-ass radio.
I love the crazy Bluetooth link to my phone, even if I hardly know how to use it.
I just hope this Jeep can make it 10 years..... That seems to be my car life-span.