Monday, December 15, 2008

In the Kitchen with Chicken

So I was checking out this new Asian market down the street. In their meat case I come across some sausage labeled Longanisa. Since we all know how much the man loves Lunguica, I figured this should be similar, so I bought some.
Back from the store a quick google search tells me I've just bought a sweet Filipino breakfast sausage. Damn. I was thinking (hoping?) it would be spicy. And appropriate for dinner.
More googling tells me I should serve this with fried rice & eggs.
Fred, from the other room, "I've never had rice with eggs."
I frown, and improvise.

What we learned: This stuff makes a hell of a mess. I cooked it as I would Italian sausage & I was left with a black sticky mess in the bottom of the pan after browning. So black & sticky I thought I would need to buy a new pan. We think there must be honey in these? They are SUPER sweet. Since we're not really the "maple syrup" sausage type people, we will pass on these in the future.

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LadyElmo said...

Good adventurous spirit! I love that you added tomatoes... very Scottish!! Come and cook for me and Zoey sometime, ok!!