Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend Update

So yesterday we rented a U-haul to move all my furniture. I was hoping for one load, but it ended up being two. All went fairly smoothly, and we had all the stuff in the garage at the new digs in a couple of hours.
Me & Fred have two opposing viewpoints on how things should be done. I thought we should unload truck & deposit furniture items in the room where they will be going, cleaning & arranging to be done at a later time. Fred wanted everything unloaded & left in the garage, to be cleaned & brought in the house at a later time. Doesn't that just drag out the moving process? Whatever. It's his garage. That's what we did.
Fred also has an un-natural aversion to throwing anything out. Why, why on god's green Earth do we need a 10- year old leaking refrigerator? We do not have anywhere to put it. It will not fit in the garage, it will not fit in the house. Someone saw I was moving & came buy & offered to buy the fridge! But he insisted on loading it in the truck & moving it here. Right now he's in the garage with a sledgehammer removing shelves so he can fit the fridge in..... We're also not throwing out 100 plastic Raider cups, steak knives from K-Mart, a green shower curtain from 1980, a 52" big screen that weighs 100lbs, 2 glass shelving units that are good for absolutely nothing, an encyclopedia set from 1972 or a VCR. As a compromise he is letting me throw out the toaster that catches every other piece of toast on fire.
Last night we did manage to slowly move some things into the house. The basement bedroom (formerly the 'junk room') is now an actual guest room! What you can't see in this picture is the hallway behind me is filled with spare Dodge parts.... Maybe we will move those to the garage, and store them in that nice refrigerator.

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