Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Observations at CVS

Among the birthday cards, cards for your wife, your dad, and your grandmother, there is a small section labeled 'TROUBLED RELATIONSHIP'. I'm guessing if you should be shopping in that section you don't care that it's your partner's birthday.
In the pool toy section there is an inflatable tube with a 6-pack cooler built in. The picture on the box shows a smiling 6-year old with some bottles of water sticking out of the cooler area. I'm guessing that's really not their target market.


Patsy said...

You're shopping at CVS?
That was my second fav place to shop for all things giftie... the first being ----- Krogers.
My how time does change our outlook.
I've even see evidence that Tracy has shopped there...
THRIFTY Shopping is in the genes.
Your Auntie

Serafina said...

CVS is not especially Thrifty, unless you count when they have Guinness on sale.

I love it that my Mom said OMG. In fact, I just can't get over it. Thank you Amanda, for making my day!