Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dressing the Part

I had been blaming my lack of physical activity on a lot of things- chiefly among them a job that kept me busy for 8 hours a day.
Since that excuse is now null & void I decided to begin working out. Since the weight room here is under construction I decided to swim some laps. Here is how it's going:
Day 1- Lost right contact lens before completion of lap 1. Bikini bottoms not staying on as I swim. Accidentally moon pool full of moms & kids after swim practice.
Day 2- Bought goggles. Couldn't find the top that matches bikini bottoms that fit. Not mooning anyone, but very much looking like crazy person.
Day 3- Bought one piece suit. Feel like I should be able to swim better than I actually do.
Day 4- Imagine swim team moms are mocking me & thinking their 5 year olds can out-swim me. Really, they can.

1 comment:

Serafina said...

Even if the swim team kids can outswim you, take comfort that you can buy a bottle of wine and they cannot.