Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Spirits

The elves came over on Friday night:

Tonight I'm left with this:


bnicholson said...

Oh what fun! Love the elves!

Trisha said...

Is that a giant bra-stocking haning above your fireplace?! I have a good guess who's it is.... or rather, I only know of one of your friends and I think it's for her! :)

Nice tree!

Prisoner of the Universe #2-16 said...

I love the fire in the fireplace. And I'm glad to see the elves made it to your tree trimming! Give me the name of the wine you were serving. With that, maybe I can bribe my elves to show up for the de-decorating party at my house ;-)
Happy Hoildaze and Merry Christmas - yea, I'm home on this Monday - we have a snow day! yippeee!

Serafina said...

I like the red bra too! Your elves look like they are having way too much fun. We wish you a Merry Cheesmatch and a Bucket of Beers.