Sunday, February 27, 2011

Musical Interlude

Tuesday brought the release of the first album I had ever pre-ordered on iTunes.
Unfortunately, I must have pre-ordered it wrong since I didn't get on e-mail on Tuesday telling me was ready to be downloaded. Oh well. I just logged on and bought it. Love it.

Tuesday also brought 311 to town. I had bought tickets to this for Todd, even though I really had no idea what kind of music they play. It was a good show, and I woke up the next morning to this on my counter:
Upon closer inspection I noted this:
So, (Serafina Holt), who wants to come visit that weekend? I'll take you to a Spring Training game, too. :-)


Prisoner of the Universe #2-16 said...

Oh, I love I-Tunes, now that I have an I-phone and am willing to spend money over the interestingnet.
I liked the ad below the one "featured" in your post.
Have a happy week.

Serafina said...

Ha! Their new album comes out next week. I hear they put on a helluva show too.

Unfortunately the black market for extra kidneys isn't what it used to be, and since Delia dyed her hair blue the slavers won't pay as much for her... I'll have to come visit you in my dreams!

We listened to that Adele record at work last week, it was pretty sweet. But I still can't believe you bought a Bieber record...