Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Feeling Inspired


Trisha said...

Inspired to do what?! Where is this? What is it?! It looks pretty cool - I like the colors.

A Chicken said...

This is 'Saguaros' glass mural by Frank Lloyd Wright. It is in the lobby of the Arizona Biltmore. It is actually not original to the hotel, it was installed during a renovation in in 1973.
I think I might actually start planning this wedding now.

Trisha said...

*Just now saw your follow up comment... I think you should start planning. :)

I know I'm far away and we haven't actually talked in, perhaps, decades?! (nah...) I am available for wedding chats or even non-wedding chats! :)

I do enjoy this work of art. I love color. :)