Friday, June 24, 2011


We stood in front of glass shelves displaying crystal vases and sterling silver candle holders.
"Do we need any of this?" I had the store issued scanner in my hand.
"This is kind of pretty". He picked up a heavy crystal picture frame with two openings.
I looked over at the price list, which was almost completely hidden from view.
"That costs three hundred dollars".
And we both backed slowly away.

In the towel section an enthusiastic sales associate walked us through the various options, everything from washcloths to bath sheets. He leaned over a display of their highest priced towels and said "You might as well register for these, when else in your lift will you spend $50 on a towel". I immediately pictured all of my friends laughing as they read my registry and saw $50 towels.

We were also encouraged to register for multiple sets of stemware ("the good stuff and the stuff that can be broken at parties"), china, and more pots than we would need in 100 years.

I did manage to wrestle the scanner away from Todd before he could find the barcode for the $200 margarita machine, but somehow he scanned an apron with chickens all over it while I was distracted.

The store we were in carried a large selection of Fiesta Ware, but had almost no other "casual dining" options. We'll need to go to a different store and find some plates we both like, since everyone know that Fiesta is way too heavy to be useful. :-)


Serafina said...

Fiestaware is only too heavy if you are a weakling! ;)

Prisoner of the Universe #2-16 said...

Fiestaware is an addiction... come over to the dark side...
btw, registered where? and tell Todd we only use $50 towels to dry the car!

Love from the hills.

Trisha said...

Damn, blogger for not having a "like" button... facebook has ruined general internet surfing. ;)