Thursday, July 4, 2013

Great American Road Trip: Day 2

Morning in Rawlins, Wyoming greeted us with temps in the 60s.  After a fantastic hot breakfast courtesy of the Hampton Inn we rolled North.  We went through Casper then passed through miles of rolling hills.  On either side of the car there were vast green fields and low hanging puffy white clouds.  It almost didn't look real.  Places are really this green?  Maybe I have been in Arizona too long.

We entered Montana and the scenery remained the same.  We were heading towards the Crow Indian reservation and I was really surpried it was so green.  I had been doing some reading about the history of the area and the Battle of Little Bighorn and I never pictured it this way.  I guess I just assumed all Reservations look like the ones in Arizona, brown, dusty, and desolate.
We arrived at the Little Bighorn Battlefield on June 25th, the 137th anniversary of the battle.  (I'm such a good planner!)  We drove right in since admission is free on the anniversary of the battle.  (I'm such a cheapskate!)  On another ridge we could see members of the Cheyenne tribe riding horses towards the battle site in memorial.  It seemed like most of the people here today were Native American.  This was one of the only battles they won.  Is you wanted to take a guided tour of the property you could do it a couple ways:  You could board a bus for a drive around the property narrated by a member of the Lakota tribe, you could take a guided walk with a Forest Service Ranger, or you could do a self guided drive.  Seems that relations between whites & natives are still a little strained.

And off we went.  Next stop, North Dakota:

In Theodore Roosevelt National Park we saw lots of interesting things.  We saw prairie dogs, bison, and horses, too!

Miles driven today: 670
Gallons of Diet Coke Todd drank today: 132

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bnicholson said...

Wow! You've covered lots of territory so quickly! I love the photos - so beautiful. I'm with Todd, it takes a lot of Diet Coke to do all this travel.