Thursday, July 25, 2013

Great American Road Trip: Day 4

It was wonderful to wake up and have breakfast on the balcony.

Then we were off to Wall Drug:

We headed South from Wall and across more green rolling hills.  There were more cows.  Then on the right hand side of the road, almost from nowhere, were the Badlands.
We met a nice couple who vacations here every year and they told us the Badlands are almost never this green.  It's been an exceptionally wet year.

Here, as in every National Park we visited, there were signs saying "NO PETS".

We clearly don't listen well.

We left the park and headed back towards Sturgis.  We really came on this trip to attend the Third Annual Sturgis Camaro Rally.  We needed to get back and check in for the weekend's festivities.

We pulled into the parking lot of the host hotel and there we Camaros everywhere.  Old ones, and new ones.  Every color imaginable.  There was a row of trucks with covered trailers in the back of the lot for the trailer queens.

Today, they had planned a poker run through the Black Hills.  We departed Sturgis and hit five bars as we wound in a circular route back towards town.  The scenery was gorgeous.  There were pine trees and we cruised by a nice lake.  I should have been taking pictures, but I was just sitting in the passenger seat saying "Oh my god, can you believe how beautiful this is?".

The last stop before town was "Big Mamas".  This place consisted of a lean-to with a beer cooler and some picnic tables.  Big Mama met Fluffy and we drank some refreshing canned beer.  Only the best for us.

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bnicholson said...

You are so funny! What a neat vacation.
Love the photo of Todd and the girl in Wall Drug!