Tuesday, October 7, 2008

If you build it they will come.....

So they built this monstrosity out West of town in the middle of nowhere. It is supposed to look like a rattlesnake coiled around a barrel cactus.
(I just see an alien spacecraft.)

Once they built this fancy-pants,
state-of-the-art stadium; people started watching the Cardinals.
The "We've never won a Superbowl Cardinals." and the "We haven't been to the playoffs since 1998, Cardinals." Not only that, but they started buying gear. They bought jerseys & hats & face paint. (And a Cardinal outfit?) There is not one single jersey in that stadium on Sunday that is more than a year old. Just goes to show you a lot of people have more money than they have good sense.

I only went because the ticket was free. I represented with a West Virginia t-shirt & ASU crocs.


bnicholson said...

Looks like a hat I think!
Glad WV was represented so well!

bnicholson said...

Hey, where did you get that new dooney?

A Chicken said...

Thats the Dooney I bought in Puerto Rico. :-)

A Chicken said...

More importantly, do you believe I bought a pair of crocs?!?!