Saturday, February 6, 2010

late bloomers

I was surprised that the Arizona Republic defines January & February as prime picking season. But, the break room at work has been filling up with lemons, grapefruit, and oranges that people are trying to get rid of, so I guess this must be the season.
I put on the proper protective gear: flip flops, sunglasses, and a T-shirt. Then I made sure I had a frosty beverage handy to prevent dehydration. I remembered when Fred bought this house the previous owner said the oranges on the big orange tree are the best in March. So I started with our smaller orange tree. I picked everything off it. I looked at the lemon tree, but I only picked enough to use in a cake this weekend. I think the lemons will be OK on the tree I until I figure out a way to use all of them.... Doesn't seem like we have as many this year so I hope nothing is wrong with the tree.

Our small tree had enough oranges for one pitcher of orange juice!

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Pam said...

Hope you have a juicer.