Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Useless Room

We have a room that is completely useless. It's just off the living room & currently houses some glass display shelves left over from the 80s. I believe it was originally intended to be a dining room, but our dining table won't fit in there if we have all the leaves in it.

I finally convinced Fred to let me paint it & convert it into a library. He insisted on OK'ing a paint color before I did any actual painting. Funny, I just happened to have a sample of the color I wanted....

He's agreed to the paint color, but I have yet to actually do any painting.... It's too hot to open any windows to air the house out... I've instead been spending time on eBay purchasing more useless junk for our useless room.

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bnicholson said...

Yesterday I watched a show on HGTV, and I heard Vern Yip express high praise for just that color of blue. He said, "Nothing bad ever came out of a Tiffany box."