Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bridal Adventures... You're Invited!

I spent days pouring over invitation websites, shocked mostly, that the price per invitation could reach as much as $5! I explored options at craft stores, where you can buy the kit and print your own invitations, but none of those kits really had a design that would match my venue or look. I pondered hiring a graphic designer, but for such an intimate event, I really couldn't justify the cost.
So, armed with an idea I mocked up a few months ago, we embarked on the only do-it-yourself project I plan on braving. This weekend, we made the invitations. I bribed Bridesmaid with breakfast to get her to come over. New Daughter didn't really have a choice but to help.

precision hole punching!

After a couple of trips to Michael's, and one to Joanne's, we completed all the invitations in one day.
Now, if the envelopes I ordered will arrive, we may be able to mail these!


bnicholson said...

What fun! Can hardly wait to get mine.

Prisoner of the Universe #2-16 said...

They look pretty cool in the photos.
Hope the envelopes get to you so the invites can get to us ;-)